It happens almost every day. There is that moment when I realize there are no windows in my room and that it is a long walk to the nearest one. In that moment, I long for a breeze, some fresh air, or a glimpse of what’s going on outside. Is it raining, cloudy, bright? What wouldn’t I give for a breath of fresh air.

If I say, “We need fresh air,” the students break into a dead run for the door. If they make it to the door before me, they are gone. Who can blame them. Fresh air is invigorating. It is life-sustaining. It refreshes us.

Let’s take a deep breath of fresh air and ponder all things worthy of consideration. This blog addresses random items of interest to me, my Chemistry students, their parents and my colleagues. Dialogue with me!


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  1. I need a dictionary.
    look up lithium (li to you) battery at wikipedi. Of interest is automobile batteries. Then I have a question for you or your students.

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